Jason Powell(non-registered)
Love you pics
Denita Ditchkoff(non-registered)
Sheila is hands down one of the best photographers I’ve worked with...from lighting to capturing the right expression and mood from the model. She takes the time and care to assist with fixing anything that would look flawed in the shot and she is very talented in post processing to really draw out the shadowing and lighting that creates a mood. I am extremely pleased with the images that we created...absolutely beautiful!
MARK ANDREW STORRS(non-registered)
Congratulations to a well deserving young lady for your accomplishments in the field of energy medicine and photography. I remember you from many years ago while you were working at CHOMP. Continued success in all aspects of your life.
Faye Baker(non-registered)
Beautiful images. Not only do you excel as a martial artist but your photography is awesome. Looks like you have had some wonderful opportunities for travel and the talent to share those memories through your art. I miss you. Hugs

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