Someone once asked me what I shoot. I told them anything that moves. I love the challenge of capturing the peak moment of any action, sports, wildlife or nature.

I am a free lance photographer, and as such, have many venues I enjoy photographing. In the last couple years I have ventured into portraits and underwater photography. I love to create dramatic as well as artistic images. If you are interested in an underwater experience, message me. Check out the images and imagine yourself, spouse or friend, beautifully in print.

I am a MaxPreps National Pro photographer. I am available for sporting events, including school sports, martial art and dance schools, group and individual portraits. I also fulfill requests by Real Estate agents looking to add that professional touch to home selling. 

You will find a wide variety here, as my passion is to be out in the world with my cameras in hand. All of life is interesting and I love to capture moments that speak to me.

Being out in nature compels me to photograph the beauty in landscapes as well as wildlife. I also like to exercise my creative muscles in some Fine Art processing.

I love to travel, and always have my cameras with me. Not only do I offer landscape imagery from traveling, but also capturing the culture, and moments unique to the location.

In addition, I am a martial artist, so you will find thousands of images of my teachers in Japan and seminar events from around the world.

I am listed on Danita Delimont stock photography and you can find some of my works on Amazon and All Posters. Just put my name in the Search box.

Please contact me with questions or interest. If there is anything you like and can't find to suit your printing or in some cases, download needs, please email me. 

To find out more about me, visit my website,